HP Golfer

Not a Typical Golfer with a Handicap! Secondary website of JaysGolf.com

I am the HPGolfer!


My name is Jay, and this site is the naughty cousin to my main site JaysGolf.com.  Here you will find the more eclectic  things that go on in my head and may not be as golf-centric as the content on JayGolf.com

Whether you visit me here or on JaysGolf.com I can promise you unique and uplifting approach to the game of golf as well as the game of life.

I was born in the middle of the night amidst the worst blizzard of that winter. To my parents horror the doctor said there were complications. My umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck cutting the oxygen to my brain for over a minute, which lead to my disability known as Cerebral Palsy....Read more...