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Callaway X Hot N14 Driver + Callaway X Hot N14 Fairway Wood $169.50 with free shipping!

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 Callaway X Hot N14 Driver + Callaway X Hot N14 Fairway Wood $169.50 with free shipping!


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Disappointment | GoPro Hero 3 Black Ed. Vs iPhone 5S Noise Comparison

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I purchased a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition in December 2013 with the intention of using it to record my exploits in my Jeep as well as in golf.  Up until last week, I only had occasion to use it attached to my Jeep as I drove around in the snow, and it did quite well.  Observe the quality in this video..

Fine Quality, right?  I'd say so.  However, last week i had the opportunity to finally hit some golf balls at my local Golf Galaxy in their simulator.  I used both my iPhone 5S and my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, hoping to take advantage of their ability to capture my swing at 120 frames per second at different angles.  Here is the footage from the iPhone 5s...

Very usable footage given the low light conditions.  In the longer video I am even able to zoom in on the numbers and they are clear enough to read.  

I then load the footage taken with the GoPro and find that it's absolutely useless!  I was very disappointed, to say the least.  Below is a side-by-side comparison, note, you cannot make out any of the numbers, let alone the added "noise" in the dark areas present in the GoPro footage.  The screen grabs were not retouched in any way.

All the firmware was up to date.  My GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition was running HD3.03.03.00 at the time.  I cannot rule out "user error" here, but I have a difficult time believing this is my fault.

Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Problems | Libraries

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I recently made the mistake of upgrading to Final Cut Pro X 10.1.  I say mistake because after doing so, I was unable to use the program.  The program would "hang" indefinitely.  Just clicking on an event within a Library would yield the beach ball of death, let alone trying to work in the timeline.  Nothing worked!

In my case, the new "Libraries" it created, by combining the Events and Projects into one, were very large.  I do not know if this was the source of all my problems, but so far breaking everything up into separate Libraries has at least allowed me to work on projects!  

The following video shows how to create separate libraries for each project, one by one.  I hope this helps those of you, who, like me, have been burning up the Google search servers seeking a solution!  I hope Apple come up with a fix fast, as I do not think this is how they intended for users to manage their media and projects!

Disable App Nap in OS X Mavericks

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I recently upgraded my late 2011 generation iMac to OS X Mavericks and began to note the various differences, some good some bad.  One bad one was how App Nap effected Microsoft Outlook, it was driving me crazy!

When I was not at my computer, or working on a different desktop than the one I dedicate to outlook, I wasn't getting messages pushed through!!  After a bit of searching I found out about Mavericks new "App Nap"  feature.  While I like this for some applications, such as a Photoshop or Final Cut Pro, it does not work for applications you want to continue to work in the background, like Outlook.  

I found the fix...  

Begin by finding the App you want to disable in your Applications Folder, then right-click and select Get Info from the drop down menu.  Then you can check the "Prevent App Nap" as shown above.  You must then close and reopen the application for this to take effect!  App Nap will not be disabled until you have rebooted the app.