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HomeStriker Golf Ball - Training Aid

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Below you will find my video review of the HomeStriker Golf Training Aid.  I am not sure what I write here can do much to surpass what the video conveys.   The product is beautiful in its simplicity.  A golf ball with a parachute attached to it?  Yes, a golf ball with a parachute attached to it!

The parachute kills the ball once in flight, restricting the ball's distance to no more than a maximum of 30 to 50 yards (depending on your swing speed and club selection).  On a day with no wind, the ball's flight will be true.  The wind will tend to to manipulate the ball's flight, especially a cross wind.  Please be mindful of this if you are in your back yard, or area with windows near, etc.

It is a real ball, thus "contact" feels true and solid.  One issue i have with golf "training aids" is most tend to be gimmicks.  I was taught to golf with a 7 iron and a wiffle ball.  I feel the best training aids are the clubs in your bag...  Now I can teach the youngin's with a 7 iron and a "Real ball"!  This product is no gimmick!  

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