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Two Secrets to Putting Like Jay

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From JaysGolf.com:

I have two tips, or drills, to share with you that should improve your putting.  I will not go on and on about how long and often you need to practice putting, that is up to you.  I thought it might be better if I show you two of the drills I always incorporate into my routine.  There are many different drills I use, and have used, throughout the years when I practice putting, but these two are always included.  They are what I call the "Two Ball Drill" (sometimes Ball-to-Ball Drill) and the "Penny Drill".  I explain both in the video down below, but I will describe each briefly here as well.

Two Ball Drill:  The idea here is to improve your lag putting with the use of only two balls.  Give yourself 10-15 feet of room.  Pick a somewhat arbitrary spot 10-15 feet away to putt the first ball, with the idea of distance control in mind.  The next part is key.  Having paid attention to the first ball's line, read the putt and putt the second ball to the first.  If you hit the first ball with the second, that means it would drop on the course!  If any part of the second ball makes contact with the first, you can be assured its in the hole.  This method also forces you to walk after the two balls, and retake your address and stroke going back the other way.  Thus not allowing you to get comfortable or complacent as you might putting ball after ball at a mug across the room.

Penny Drill :  This one is very simple, literally.  Take a penny or a dime, something thin, and place it approximately one foot away from the golf ball.  Now, putt the ball directly over the coin.  Easy, right?  Exactly, it is meant to be easy.  There is no pressure at all.  Do this over and over and when you find yourself facing the 1-3 footers that make your knees buckle on the green, just think about the penny!  I bet you can feel your blood pressure drop after reading that...