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How To Embed A Vine Post

Social, Video, How ToJay DowneyComment

I have recently become addicted to Vine, which can best be described as the Instagram of video.  It allows you to take a 6 second video, or series of segmented videos, and instantly share them with followers and users within the app.

But have you found that you want to be able to post your latest, greatest Vine on your website?  Here is how! 

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First share your Vine on Twitter, then copy the URL that is contained in the Twitter posting.  Second, copy the above code and paste it into your site replacing the Bold URL above with your Vine URL you copied from your tweet.   




Now you do not need to Copy & Paste the URL into that code.  Click the link from your twitter, the Vine will load in your browser and there will be an "Embed" button below it, from there you can choose the size and simply copy the code from there!